Aku takutttt
Aku takut menghadapi semua ini sendirian..

Aku takut kehilangan kamu

Aku takut kehilangan rasa sayang dan cinta km k aku…

Aku takut gak bisa ktmu km lagi

Walau aku tau, aku telah kehilangan km seutuhnya…

Aku takut menghadapi ini semua beb.. Aku takut….

Aku terlalu sayang..
Aku terlalu cinta..


Im afraid. Im afraid to leave everything behind. All those sweet memories. All those sweet talks. Cuz i know i wont get them no more from you in the future. But i have to. I have to leave everything about you. Close every chapters that reminded me of you.

I dont want you to be my shadow forever. And on the other hand, i dont want you to be my shadow forever.

We will again thou, but later on

Few years later.. :)

Im gonna miss you dear old friend

Dear old friend

I couldnt stop crying
My heart is aching

So bad…

Omg, i still ♡ you so much
Like the last time

My feelings for your would never be varnishes beb…

I just too ♡ you…

Ya Allah…
Aku nggak kuatttt T_______T

Untuk menghadapinya sendiri

Aku terlalu sayang
Aku terlalu cinta…

Idk why

Lately ive been having badlucks continuesly :(

Is is this because what ive done in the past? :(

Karma does exist i know… Omg..

Shunning on you

Dear old friend,
I decided to crawl out from your dark circle. I cut off every lines that related to you. You will never ever reach me again. And i know, you wont look for me :)

To you, im nothing
To you, im just kind of your toy

While to me, youre my everything
I sacrificed everything for you
I sacrificed my life, my everything

But too bad, you never ♡ me the way i ♡ you :)

So, this is it beb..

I seriously have to let you go

Time is running
And its getting closer to your big day

You dont need me in your life anymore

I always need you in my life, but i know my presence just will disturb you :)

So i will slowly walk away from your life

I wont bother you with my annoyance anymore :)

Please have a nice life beb..

I wish i could meet again few years later, few years later after i can slowly get over you from me

Few years later when i no longer have no feeling anything towards you

Few years later, when we already have our own children..

I cant wait for that moment :)

I want to meet you as an old friend later
I want to meet you when i can give you my sincere smile, smile that im not faking it. I wanna be in that moment…

I wish you an everlasting happiness beb..

Youre always be my first ♡

I ♡ you and i will always will



Terlalu lemah tanpamu beb..

Just had a lil chat with you ease my pain. I just too love you beb.

I love too damn much…


I remember you
This tears just couldnt be stop

I lied.

I never be okay since you were gone.

I never be happy seeing you soon will have a family

I never could..

Love any1 elese as huge as the way i love you

I suffer inside

I’m suffering beb..

I need you

Things i said to you were lies

I dont want you to worry about me anymore. (i know you probably never worry about me, think about how i feel) you dont know how it feels like beb..

It hurts..

So bad..

For you, its just one little tiny things. Im just one of your 100000th woman.

I know.

Why cant you love me the way i love you?

I miss you beb
I miss everything about you

Your laugh

Your smile

Your hug

Your touch


I miss us…

Alot… Its getting closer beb..

Ya Tuhan…. T_________T

Kuatkan aku untuk menghadapinya..
Kuatkan imanku
Kuatkan jiwaku
Kuatkan ragaku

Aku sungguh” mencintainya dan aku ingin bahagia walau bukan dgnku..

Aku ingin dia menjad baik..

I love you beb
I always will…

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